June 18, 2024

Easter Shows!

I pack my holiday books away with my holiday decorations. So when they come out for each holiday, the kids are always excited to read them. I also pack away our favorite holiday shows and pull them out for the season. Thought I would share some of our favorites with you!

Yesterday we watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Here is my favorite scene from that movie.

I love the message from the Ompa’s!

We also love the Easter Carol Veggie Tales.  I love the songs on this DVD.  My favorite is called Hope’s Song. 

Here is the clip of Hope’s Song

My kids always yell for me when this part of the show comes on.  They know I love it.

Of course we love Here Comes Peter Cottontail: The Original TV Classic [Remastered]

My daughter loves Max & Ruby – Easter With Max & Ruby

Do you have a favorite Easter Show?