July 23, 2024

Moooo…. It’s Monday!

This week (well basically this weekend) was a diet killer.  Clean eating out the window.  However I did get in a salad and some veggies.  Mostly I ate fattening restaurant dishes, had some very sugary snacks, and drank wine till I felt a little sick.  Sometimes spending time with old friends & family over the weekend means you let loose… and I sure did let loose in the diet and exercise department.  With that said, this week starts my second five weeks of torture, I mean Boot Camp.  I am already back to counting calories and got a hard AM workout in. 

Weight loss:

All I have to say is that, I did not gain a pound and I probably should have gained FIVE. Sunday my calories were through the roof… Coffee with creamer, Panera Bagels with cream cheese, sausage casserole, onion soup, Burchetta Chicken Sandwich with a roll that went through the fryer, meatball sandwich, potato salad, homemade macaroni… HUNGRY???

I am back on track today except I am paying for my binge with cravings again… Big red heart cookies and the icing I made for my daughters Tinkerbell cake, it keeps calling me. I am resisting, but it was easier to resist last week before I went off the track. I know it takes a week for my body to adjust and maybe I will learn my lesson that it isn’t worth it to stray away from eating healthy if you get those ever so annoying cravings back again. UGH!


Moderate execise this week…  Day 1: 1 mile run
Day 2: 5.5 mile run/walk with a time of 60 minutes
Day 3: Spin class with a 2 mile run with a time of 20 minutes for the run!!!
(Throw some shoveling in the mix too)

That’s it…  I lost 2 days in there somewhere…  Next week you will see the normal five days since this week begins official running training. 

For Valentine’s Day my hubby let me sign on for another five weeks of boot camp.  Also, the kids picked out a new charm for my bracelet…  It was a Running Shoe Charm.  My son said, “We picked this one because you run all the time.”  (O, my GOSH!!!  My kids think I am a runner!)  Daddy said he didn’t help with the picking out at all except setting the price limit.  That made me feel good and motivated to get this 10 miles done in April so I can truely say I am a runner who runs big races. 

Here’s to getting back on track.  Bye, Bye, Love My Goat… you are out of the picture!  Week seven!!!