July 12, 2024

Convience Without High Fructose Corn Syrup!!!

My son loves his PB&J sandwiches.  I would often buy the kind Smucker’s makes.  They are yummy.  He loves them and they even have ones made with whole wheat.  They look like this:

One problem, flip over the box and you will notice HFCS is right there as one of the top ingredients…  So I made my own P&J sandwiches.  Very healthy ones and I can freeze them and then pop them in his lunch in the am!!! 
What’s in them: 
Nature’s Pride is one of the only breads on the shelf that I could find that did not have HFCS in it and had only natural ingredients.
Polamer All Fruit Jelly
Naturally More PB&J (He gets some flax seed and doesn’t even know it)
Cut with a sandwich cutter and you have a ready to bag sandwich.  Place in a ziploc baggie and freeze.  Take out of freezer in the am and place in lunch box.  EASY an no HFCS or other “not so good for you” ingredients!