July 12, 2024

Moo… It’s Monday!

Week two down of working towards a better me! I have to tell you that, I rocked this week… Yeah me!  I just pray I can keep up the rocking!  So often I get started on a healthy program and loose interest.  That isn’t going to happen this time…  Fingers crossed!

Here’s a hodgepodge of my week for those who care to read:
Weight Loss:
Week Two and I am happy to report that I lost…. FOUR pounds this week!!! Wahhhhooooo!!! Brings my total to six pounds. I ate really well this week. Kept it clean and kept my calories at 1,500 with a cheat day of 2,300 calories (but I also ran/walked four miles this day)… I think I ate all clean this week! I hope this isn’t just a honeymoon stage – but, I wasn’t craving sweets this week, so that helped me.


I did boot camp FOUR days this week… M,W,F,S – I also ran twice this week. One time for a three mile run and a mile walk. Another time for a two mile run. 

I also signed up to run 10 miles at the end of April. I am way nervous about getting ready for this. However, maybe it will motivate me to work towards something! I have been looking at running websites and reading about half-marathon trainng plans. Here are the sites I have found most useful (with more to come in another Moo Monday post:

The 10 Mile Training Program I am going to use.  Is there a better one?  Let me know!

I just love the name of this Blog and she has some nice posts too…  Chubby Chicks Run Too!

Lots of great stuff at Cool Running!  I once did the couch to 5K running plan and it was great.  I downloaded the podcast from Itunes which made it super easy!

There are so many running tips.  Here are some for eating when you run!


I love Ezekiel English Muffins with my Natural Peanut Butter and my All Natural All Palmer’s Jelly on top. YUM! I even decided to make my son a few Natural PB&J sandwiches. I was looking at the ingredients in the Smukers Frozen ones and did not like what I saw. I made a bunch of my own and froze them. I can take one out in the AM and stick it in his lunch.

I was amazed at how breads even have the High Fructose Corn Syrup in them. It took me sometime to find a bread that was all Natural. My husband thinks I am weird getting rid of high frutose corn syrup from my food and most of the kids foods. O-Well!

Hummus has always been a favorite of mine, but it is a huge treat now… I have it on everything and with all veggies.

I made this recipe this weekend and my family loved it.

Check out these two You Tube videos that my Boot Camp Instructor sent out this week…. Makes you think?

I like diet soda…  But I haven’t drank one it too weeks.  This video is for regular soda.  O-Yuck!

This one is about HFCS!


Well, if you are trying a new exercise or diet program I would love to hear any tips you have in the comments section. I am a new runner so any running tips are greatly appreciated too.