July 23, 2024

Happy 10 in 2010

How cute, my first tag from a fellow blogger!  I am excited!  Artsy_momma at Handprint and Footprint Art tagged me in the Happy 101 Award.  Awww… I love talking about the “h” word, what a cute idea! Thank you!!!!  I am honored you picked me to tag!
 For this award, you are to list 10 things that make you happy, then tag another 10 people.
1.) Shopping for myself and by myself =’s no kiddos with me.
2.) Watching the expression on someone’s face when you have done something nice for them or given them a treat.
3.) Watching my kids in a quiet moment and realizing that God blessed me with the best gifts, their lives.
4.) Knowing that God blessed me with a life full of great friends who seem to be planted in my life in all the right moments. 
5.) Hearing good things about how Teaching Heart products make the lives of k-3 teachers less stressful or how much the kids loved an activity from the site or a product. 
6.) Radom acts of kindness either given or recieved.  A few weeks ago, I was in the drivethru at Starbucks (for hopefully my last Mint Cafe Mocha EVER! – Note my New Years Clean Eating Life – Blahhhh!) and saw a Mom in her car behind me yelling at her kids.  I asked what she had purchased when I got to the window and it was just a small drink… so I asked if I could pay for it.  I told the worker to just tell the mom that this is from a mom who has been there and to pay it forward someday.  I never got to see her reaction… but it made me feel really good all day thinking about the smile that may have been on her face.   It is one of those great feelings – if you have never done that… give it a try!  On the other side of it…  Yesterday I was in the store buying Soy Milk for my coffee and someone had left a dollar off coupon by the milk.  I was so happy and thankful! 
7.) Watching my husband interact with the kids.  He is a kid at heart and I find myself thinking how lucky my kids are to have a Daddy like him.
8.) Those moments (that are sometimes  more few than often) when I know I am a SUPER mom! 
9.) ALL THINGS Fall!
10.) Seeing the numbers on my scale shrink!!!  Fingers Crossed =)
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