July 23, 2024

Spread Some Cheer! Quickly and Inexpensively…

In my opinion, the best part of Christmas is the feeling you get when you give a little and make someone smile. I guess we should try to do that all year… but for some reason on the Holidays we make an extra effort.

Here is an inexpensive gift idea for friends and neighbors who are tired of hearing the kids whine; but like a little wine. Just buy the little packs of wine. The bottles are cute. They come in four miniature wine bottles. I wrote a little poem you can attach:

Click here to print the poem “mommy style” or here for “teacher style“!!!

Attach the poem and start spreading your cheer!

My girlfriend spread some cheer my way… she gave me this cute dip plate with a dip mix and crackers. The card says, “Dip into the Holidays and have a healthy New Year. Now I am ready to serve a quick appetizer, wana come over? I have wine, dip, crackers, and a big smile!!!
Hey, all of you looking for a gift to give a teacher… Let me let you in on a secret (that teachers are too nice to admit)… sssshhhhh… Teachers would perfer gift cards (and Teaching Heart CDROM’s), not mugs, candles, pins, or apples. Here is a cute way to give a gift card. Purchase small bags at Michael’s, place a few holiday candies in the bag with the gift card.

Tip Junkie one of my fave blogs just featured me here… Check out all the great Christmas craft ideas Laurie has listed. My craft is #5.