July 23, 2024

Family Holiday Game Time!!!

Reposting my family game from two years ago… If you are looking for a game to play, feel free to steal this one! I need something new this year… Any ideas???

Just wanted to share this game I made up for my family to play on Christmas Eve 07. It was a HUGE hit with everyone. I thought I would share it & you could save it for next year or another family gathering… if you are looking for a fun family activity. I know I searched online and could only find Power Point Christmas Jeopardy and nothing too much more exciting. So I tweaked a friends idea and came up with this game. I had each family member send me (keeping their answers only to me) the name of their favorite song, favorite guilty pleasure, favorite Christmas song, a song that reminded them of the person they were buying for (we each bought for one person this year), and a song that would be a great song for our family theme song (you know, if your family was on TV, what song would start the show). I put all the songs on my ipod so that I could play them when needed throughout the 5 rounds (I only played songs in three of the five rounds and only played like 30 seconds from each song). The game sheet is attached in PDF. It is printed two sided and folded like a brochure. Below you can download it in Publisher (which you can modify to fit your family) or in PDF. Of course there were prizes for the big winners! You can get creative with that! I also burned each couple five CD’s that included all the chosen songs. It was an interesting collections, to say the least… especially when your age span is 15 to 60 years. Once you open a file below, you will have a better understanding of how the game works. Hopefully one of you will enjoy this game as much as we did!!
Christmas Rock’in Game is PDF

If you have a family game idea for the holiday, please comment below… I am always looking for new ideas!!!

We also played Scene-It: which is another fun family game that can be played in teams. Below you will find links to the Scene-It games found on Amazon.