July 23, 2024

Christmas Toy Catalogs Galore

So now is the time of year when you go to your mailbox and find lots of catalogs. My son has been so into looking through the catalogs. I gave him a pen the other day and told him to go through each catalog and circle the toys that he would like to play with. That took him about an hour and a half. Then he read me the names of the things he circled and we talked about them and I either convinced him having that toy was a good idea or convinced him he didn’t need it. Then he went through the catalogs a second time. This time I gave him a different color marker and told him to only look at the toys he circled. Out of those toys I told him to put a check next to the three toys that were his favorite in the catalog. After that he wrote the names of those three toys on his Christmas list. Too bad all of his choices were over $50.o0 bucks and one was a Star Wars toy for $150.00. The thing better clean his room for that price.

Once we had the list all written out we took it a step further and he went on Google typed in the name of the toy into the image search. He thought it was super cool to type in a name of a favorite toy and then be shown lots of pictures of it.

That took up most of his afternoon today and it was a pretty independent activity. So save those toy catalogs and give it a try!