July 12, 2024

Summer’s Almost Done – The importance of play!

Summer always seems to end with the start of school. With that said, only a few more days left in my summer. This summer really has been great (well, up till the last week – see here). We have been outside 80% of the summer at parks, pools, and trails. My kids have run, biked, played with friends, swam, and been active.

I am super grateful to the mommy friends that I spend my summer days with. I just can’t stand sitting at home all day. Thank God I have friends that feel the same way. While our kids are playing with each other; we get to chat and even exercise. Knowing that my friends will be out with me and we have a plan for most days of the week, is what makes summer so awesome. This summer just flew by. It is great knowing each day will be filled with something to do. Busy kids =’s well behaved kids.

My girlfriend Amy, who is also a preschool teacher, had a profound statement the other day. We were talking about the summer and how often we are the only moms and kids at the parks we visit. She said something that made me glad we have spent so much time letting our kids just play on their own. I made her write it out: “I think our kids have learned to socially organize themselves to play games and carry out imaginary play. The biggest thing they have really mastered is their ability to problem solve and make everyone a part of the game they are playing (often a game they have created).” She also made another important statement about why free play is so important, it gives kids “The ability to build their social vocabulary and feelings for others.” That from the mouth of a preschool teacher! So I feel good about this summer.

Memories were created and hopefully my kiddos will remember this summer fondly. I hope your kiddos had plenty of time to play this summer.