July 23, 2024

Marshmallow-Toes – Back to School Idea

Show a marshmallow. Make a web on the white board with the word marshmallow in the middle. Pass out marshmallow and ask students not to eat it right a way but feel it. (soft, white, squishy, powdery, sweet, smells fresh…) Outline their remarks as they state their descriptions of the marshmallow.Drop your marshmallow on the floor and tell them to listen to the sound it makes on the floor. They should come to the conclusion that it makes no sound. It is quiet. Explain to the class when they walk in the halls or around the room when other people are working they should have marshmallow toes and marshmallow voices.“What do you think that means?”Discuss that you would like them not to talk and to walk quietly in the halls using their marshmallow voices and toes. Read poem in pocket chart –

Walking through the hallways,
Everyone QUIETLY goes…
Being respectful, all the way,
Walking on our “Marshmallow-Toes!”
The Poem and Activity Sheet seen above are found in our Back To School Packet!