July 19, 2024

Weight Loss Inspiration

Still on track with my diet and exercise. Sometimes working hard means you need to be inspired. I thought I would share who and what inspires me to keep on the weight loss track.

I get inspired from watching the Biggest Loser and seeing how great the contestants are looking now-a-days. I really like Tara… I see a little bit of myself in her. She inspires me… She is like in the 190’s now and I think she looks fabulous! I love her attitude and her drive to win.
I get inspired by the women at my gym. The really skinny ones that seem to always be at the gym. Some are even pregnant and can kick my butt big time in a Spin class or Step class. Yeah, they may have never been fat like me… but at least they work hard to stay thin. As much as I secretly hate them, they inspire me… especially when I stand behind them in class and they don’t have to wear big shirts to cover up their muffin tops. I don’t want to be as skinny as most of them… I just want to be healthy! I want to wear a pair of jeans with my shirt tucked in and no muffin top in sight!
I love the magazines (usually the health related ones) that have stories about how people lose weight… I love reading those articles!
Here are some stories online that have inspired me to stay on track.
Check out these five stories of weight loss.
Mind Over Belly Once Rebecca learned to ask herself, “Which do I want more, the donut or to be thin?” Weight Watchers began working for her.
The Secret? Portion Control Lisa was appalled to see her doctor write the word “obese” across the top of her chart. It was then that she decided to try Weight Watchers.

Look, it’s my virtual model…. aren’t I cute????

Try the Weight Loss Model… It is free… You see me above. The first picture is me today and the 2nd one is me 20 pounds lighter and where I am wishing to be in July.

Well, I hope you found some weight loss inspiration in this post, if you were looking for it!