July 23, 2024

Get Your Lucky Charms Game Free To Print

I am very much into tricking my kiddos into learning. I did it when I was a teacher and I continue to do it with my own children. My job today is to create standard based activities that make learning those state standards fun! I love creating these fun activities for my kiddos and students around the world. It is the best job! I have sold thousands of CD’s filled with fun learning activities on the Kindergarten through Third Grade Level. Ninety percent of my customers who buy one CD come back to buy all my other CD’s. I feel blessed that I get to touch so many kiddos little brains. If you are interested in my products to purchase for your favorite teacher or if you homeschool, please visit this page!

One thing I did promise myself when I started selling my creations was that I would still make sure that at least 30% would be free on Teaching Heart. Speaking of creating learning fun & FREE… Above is something free I would like to share with you in time for St. Patrick’s Day. It is something my kids have been having fun with it.
All you need is a dice, two markers (I used apple jacks cereal), and this free printable pdf file.

The file is pretty large and will take you about five minutes to cut up and tape together once you have printed it. It has enough material for four players. You can play 1 to 4 players. If this is going to be used in a classroom, I suggest you laminate it!

The object is to collect all five lucky charms to put on your shamrock. When your shamrock is full, you are done and very lucky!

How to Play:
Each player gets one shamrock to fill.
Taking turns each player rolls the dice and moves their piece ahead.

Once they land they must pull a card and answer the question. You will see that I have two sets of cards on my board. One set is programed for my son (second grade sight words are already on some of the cards). I programed the rest of his cards (the blank ones provided) with math problems and the Kindergarten writing strokes. You can program the blank cards with skills your child or student needs to work on. The other set of cards have things my three year old is working on (shapes, colors, letter sounds, numbers). This game is great because two people working on two different levels can play together! Great when you have a six year old and a three year old playing together.
These two pictures below give you an idea of what two sets of different level cards would look like!!!

Once they answer the card correctly they complete the activity on the square they landed on. If they land on a lucky charm they do not have they may take the lucky charm and place it on their card. If they already have the charm, they do nothing. Each square tells you what to do. If it is blank, just wait for your next turn. Keep going around the board till the shamrock has one of each charm on it. Pretty self explanatory.

My kiddos loved this game! I hope your children or students enjoy it too and don’t even realize they are practicing skills they need to know.