June 18, 2024

Roll a Valentine Craft!

I love using dice for games. My almost three year old, likes to roll them and count the dots. My six year old loves math and making addition problems with dice. Lately, he enjoys rolling them a writing out a math problem.

How about creating a craft where your kids need to roll the dice to collect the craft items. I created this little Valentine Heart face & a key to use with the dice. The players roll the dice to collect all the pieces for their craft. Once they have all their pieces collected they can glue their craft together. My son can do this independently (in fact, he is doing that now). My daughter (the almost three year old) needs help matching the rolled number to the item on the list.

If you want to give this idea a spin with your kiddos or students, here is the printable key. All you need is two heart cut-outs, two eyes, a nose, a mouth or a pen to draw one, pipe cleaner or something to use as the hanger, and a glue stick. Then you will have a new heart friend to hang on your door. Here is my son’s masterpiece…

For Little Hands that still have trouble with the dice, why not make your own big dice… Vanna shares on this youtube video some fun dice activities and ideas for making large dice.