August 7, 2022

Jon & Kate Plus Eight!!!

Janice at Five Minutes for Mom recently did a Podcast with Jon from the hit TLC reality show, Jon and Kate Plus Eight… guess what, she asked one of my questions to Jon. If you click her second clip of the podcast at you can hear her say my name, the name of my blog, and my question with Jon’s answer! Thanks so much Janice for using my question!!!! I was so excited to see it tonight. I emailed & facebooked everyone I know the link to your post. Hopefully Jon will remember my name too… heehee!!!

A few days later…
I never realized how many people had an issue with Jon and Kate and truely do not like them until I checked all the comments on Five Minutes For Mom. I think some people may be jealous. I think it will be interesting to see how these kids turn out in the future. I do wish them the best… O, and I watched an episode last night where Kate wrote a check to the Ronal McDonald House for letting them stay there when the six were born.