September 29, 2022

In Love With Perler Beads!

Guess what I am going to tell you about??? You guessed it, another craft that mommy sets-up and the kiddos do! With Perler Beads your kiddos can create really cool designs with little plastic beads that can be strung together, or melted together with an ordinary household iron (Mommy does the iron part)! This is probably best for ages 5 and up because it uses lots of fine motor skills… It’s something you need to try first to see if they can do otherwise I can see this craft being more frustration than fun. Still I found a way to get my 2 year old into these little beads too & I will tell you about it in this post!

My mom brought my son these beads that came in a small pack (she found them for .99 cents at Michael’s Craft store) and once complete make Halloween characters: witch, Dracula, and Frankenstein. My six year old isn’t the greatest with fine motor skills so I was a little bit skeptical when we started the craft… I had visions of me having to sit with him while he dropped the tiny bead onto the peg board. I did sit with him for only about five minutes until he got the hang of it. Before you know it he was following the pattern himself and very proud of his finished work. I looked at my watch when he was done with one of them and said, awesome 20 minutes of quiet time for mommy that made my little man happy!!! It kept him busy in the afternoon while working on his fine motor. He loved them and wanted to do more. I NEEDED TO FIND ALL THE PERLER BEADS IN THE WORLD and buy them before others got wind of this great craft.

Luckily I found buckets full on Amazon. He made a list of all of the relatives he would like to make one for and give them as Christmas gifts. We attached suction cups to them and they look great as sun catchers. My son made his list and now we wait for our Amazon order to arrive.

Below are some of the things I may order:

Now of course my little princess needed some beads and luckily she was happy with a muffin tin and a cup of beads she could sort by color. The beads are very tiny, but she is good at picking up small things so she enjoyed sorting them by color into a muffin tin. After she finished with the muffin tin she was happy just to move the beads from play cup to play cup.

Just thought I would share!