July 17, 2024

Witch Brew Dice Game & Other Halloween Treats!

Witch Brew Dice Game

You Need: 2-4 players 1 dice per gameEach player needs to cut-out their playing pieces –
Click to download playing pieces!
Key – Click to download
Pot set in the center of players.

Players take turns rolling dice. They add 1 item into the pot based on the key. The person to fill the pot with their pieces first is the winner.

Graphing Spooks
Here is a graphing activity center. Which halloween character is your favorite Spook?

There are two printables to match this activity. To learn how these graphs work, please visit:

Click to download manipulatives
Click to download the center sheet

Like our graphing activity? Try our Graphing Center CDROM. 100’s of happy teachers!http://www.teachingheart.net/graphingcdrom.html – Order it for your child’s k-2 teacher!

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