July 17, 2024

Planning A Star Wars Birthday Party Part 1

First of all you have to know that I love birthday parties! I always have since I was a little girl. I love setting up tables with fancy decorations and playing birthday games. Growing up I was always making homemade gifts for my friends and family… In high school my group of friends and I always made a big deal over our friends birthdays. We decorated lockers, decorated the cafeteria, and just had fun if a friend was having a birthday. College came and I found myself decorating my apartment for my roomies birthdays, decorating a flower pot to place dirt cake in, and making sure we all went out to celebrate. Then, I taught school after college and birthdays were always a big deal in my classroom. You can read more about that at: http://www.teachingheart.net/Birthdayunit.html
Finally, I had a baby boy and started making his birthdays a big deal on his first one and then his second through his fifth just got better and better… Yet, I learned that I probably could have held off till the 4th or 5th birthday before having the big kid bashes – so my daughter won’t be as lucky and she will have to wait till her fourth before I start the parties for her.

I am in the beginning stages of planning my son’s 6th birthday. Last year is was a Spiderman themed party and a big hit with him!!! You can see more of the Spidey B-day at:

The big downfall of the party is having it at my house. I would much rather have it somewhere else. Last year God was on my side and kept the weather nice so that I would not have to have 20 plus screaming kids & their parents running around my house… This year I am worried about numbers again. It will probably be more than 20 kids if I invite his new Kindergarten class boys plus some of his old friends. I don’t want to leave anyone out. Then on top of that you have siblings that you feel you need to invite. I have a problem with guests lists, mine are always too long. So I am still trying to decide what to do about the guest list. I am leaning towards inviting the 15 boys in his class, plus the 15 other friends and doing some heavy praying that it does not rain. I’ll let you know what I decide.

One of the first things I do when I start planning the party: look for ideas on line… here are some good sites I have found.

Birthday Party Video

Smart Mama – Check out the decor and the cake!!

Check out the Yoda Cake – Directions how to make it included

Another cake plus Yoda Cupcakes

Star Wars Bubble Sabers

More Links to Look at For Ideas

I hope to post more as I plan and I will put together a page about the party on Teaching Heart in September…