June 25, 2022

Started Running…

I started running a few months ago. I have about 50lbs of baby weight to loose. Well, I have had this weight for about 6 years (another story). With the help of couch potato to 5K (and my membership to a gym w/childcare) I am finally able to run 5k / 3 miles straight!!! This is a huge accomplishment for me. You think since I went from coach potato to runner I would have lost at least 10lbs… NOPE, not a pound. I guess I am realizing that exercise does not mean I can still eat like a pig!!! Yes, I feel more toned and energized. I don’t think I have ever made exercising a priority in my life till now – so that is a good thing. I just need to get the diet down (that is another blog story). Anyhow, I am a little bored with my playlist for running right now. On the right you will see my current play list.
I need some new upbeat songs… what is on your running playlist?