Resume Help For New Teachers

Writing a Teacher's Resume - some tips and actions verbs that can help improve your resume, put together by the Education Career Services at DePaul School of Education

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Rockport Institute - Action Verb List

Resume Guidelines

Sharing Ideas - ideas for building more than just a resume by creating a homepage that reflects who you are and allows you to share of yourself.



See Sample Resume

Teacher Resumes - across subject areas; samples compiled by DePaul's Education Career Services.

Candidate Resumes - check out the resumes of students from University of Missouri's Education Career Services who have prepared some online resumes.

Mathematics/Physical Sciences Instructor

English Teacher Resume



A new teacher resume from UC Berkeley.

From DePaul, eight resume examples including secondary specialists and elementary teachers.

Another example of a visually pleasing teacher resume.

social studies teaching position in a secondary school, teaching position in an elementary school level
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The Best Books To Help You Write That Resume

101 Grade a Resumes for Teachers

Real-Resumes for Teachers (Real-Resumes Series)

Resumes for Education Careers (Vgm Professional Resumes Series)