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Teaching Heart's
Scarecrow Theme

Fall is in the air and this year more than ever, I am seeing scarecrows everywhere. I thought scarecrows would be a great mini unit and wanted to share some of my ideas with you. Welcome to Teaching Heart's Scarecrow page. I hope you find something you can use with your students!

Oct. 2011

to get some background on the scarecrow!

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Copyright  Camille HagemannLet's Make a Scarecrow

A mini book for you to print. Cut on the lines and staple the pages together to form a book. Have your students color. Have them read their book to a friend and an adult. (k-2)

Copyright  Camille HagemannScarecrow Scare!

Print and Laminate. Cut out each scarecrow box and place in a pocket chart. Cut out each crow and place in a jar next to your chart. The student must place the number of scraecrows scared next to the scarecrow. (k-1)

Copyright  Camille HagemannFollowing Directions
You can have your students complete this sheet by reading it on their own (1-3) or you may read it to your students and have them follow your verbal instructions.

Copyright  Camille HagemannColor and Write
Student colors the scarecrow picture and then writes a sentence or a paragraph about the picture. (k-3)

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My Favorite Books For This Unit!


The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything


Make pumpkin cutouts and place the following words onto the cutouts;

afraid, cottage, sliver,

Talk about the words. Write them in sentences.


During the start of the story the little old lady runs into a pair of shoes. What is unusual about these shoes? Would you be scared if a pair of shoes was following you?

After the pumpkin says, "Boo, Boo!" in the story ask the students to tell you what they tink will happen on the next page?

On the thirs to last page the little old lady whispers something to all the objects. What do you think her idea was? What would be your idea?

On the next page, the lady looks out the window. Before turning the page ask the students to make predictions on what she might see.


When the pumpkin's head shouted, "Boo, Boo!" the little old lady ran off. Have children brainstorm other situations that are made more frightening with sounds. Then play the following Halloween soundtrack and have children guess harmless ways the sounds could of been made.

`Readers Theater to Match this!
Free Matching Worksheet

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Over 15 goodies to print for your scarecrow theme

Copyright  Camille HagemannScarecrow Pattern

Copyright  Camille HagemannPaper Scarecrow Template

Copyright  Camille HagemannScarecrow Head
Body of a Scarecrow

Copyright  Camille HagemannScarecrow Bookmarks

Copyright  Camille HagemannCarl’s Corner
Scarecrow Scarecrow Emergent Reader

Copyright  Camille HagemannScarecrow Shape File Folder Game Color

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Great Poem, Songs, Fingerplays


We're the farmer's scarecrows

    We scare away the birds,

We keep the farmer's corn safe

Without any words.

But when Halloween comes

We jump out of the ground

And we scare the boys and girls

When they come walking 'round.

The Scarecrow
Scarecrow standing in the field
On a bright and sunny day, Don't forget to do your job. Scare the hungry crows away!

Title: I'm a Little Scarecrow
(I'm a Little Teapot)
I'm a little scarecrow,
Raggedy and worn.
I wear a hat,
And a shirt that's torn.
When the crows come,
I wave and shout,
"Away from my garden ----
Get on out!"

Scarecrow, scarecrow,
How scary can you be?
You scared away the crows  (children have fun giving ideas)
But you can't scare me!
No, you can't scare me!

Five Stuffed Scarecrows
Five Stuffed Scarecrows in the corn rows,
The first one said, "Go away, crows!"
The second one said, "I am very small,"
The third one said, "I am standing tall."
The fourth one said, "On my head I wear a hat."
The fifth one said, By me feet runs a cat."
Five stuffed scarecrows in the corn rows,
Moving left and right as the autumn wind blows


Copyright  Camille HagemannCopyright  Camille HagemannWee Scarecrow-

Copyright  Camille Hagemann52 Week Preschool Shares this cute
paper plate scarecrow.

Other Fun Ideas

Copyright  Camille HagemannCopyright  Camille HagemannSensory- Place on a table the different articles of clothing and types of filling used to create a scarecrow. Have the children feel the raffia, crumpled newspaper, and stuffing used to make a scarecrow. Ask the children what noises if any does each type of filling for the scarecrow make. Ask how does each item feel. After this discussion, have children help you make your own scarecrow using the objects on the table along with a hat for your scarecrow's head.

A Huge High Five to Kim Koehler at for sharing the following glyphs pictures, and printables to match!

Here is the pic of the scarecrow glyph we do. I use fabric scraps for the patches and a cut up raffia bow for the hay on the arms and legs. I also will add the key too!


Hat= favorite color

Shirt: yellow= girl red= boy

Plaid: diagonal= has gone on a hayride straight= has not gone on a hayride

Buttons: 2 buttons= I have carved a pumpkin 3 buttons= i have not carved a pumpkin

Patches: 1= I love spring 2= I love fall 3= i love summer 4= I love winter

Smile: 8 stitches=I am 8 9 stitches= I am 9

Eyes: triangles= I like non fiction books squares= I like fiction books

Nose: triangle= I like chapter books circle= I like picture books

It takes my third graders usually two days to complete it. I hot glue on the straw and buttons for them. I usually have them trace and cut out the pieces on one day and then glue them together on the next day.


Math Wire Shares a Measurement Activity With Printables at

Skip to My Lou Shares Super Cute Cookies!

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